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‚ÄčAt Phantom HPV's, we specialize in the design, build and racing of highly efficient human powered vehicles. 

Established in 2003, Phantom HPV's began as a group of motivated students keen to compete at the Australian International Pedal Prix annual 24hr competition.  The group grew and matured over time, eventually winning the event in 2012 and setting a new distance record in the process.

Our most recent vehicle, the Phantom mini-T, recently broke a suite of Australian human powered vehicle records including the Men's 1hr*, 6hr* and 12hr* records, and Junior 1hr* record.  James Goodall narrowly missed the outright Junior world record by less than 30m! Informally, Kyle Lierich completed 77.3km* in his hour attempt, smashing the previous World Multitrack record by almost 3km/hr, surpassing the long standing Vetor Tandem mark of 74.5km.  Unfortunately, members of IHPVA were not present to ratify the hour mark.

*pending ratification from OzHPV, Australia's premier human powered Organisation

Here are our upcoming test days, training events and record attempt schedule. 

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TBA - November 2016